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Support Your Members, Build Your Association

ICBA Benefits is more than just an expert in helping associations offer group health, dental and retirement benefits to their members. We’re different – not only do we help associations do this, we *ARE* an association who has seen both our members and our work prosper thanks to our benefits offerings.

ICBA Benefits’ very first client was our owner, the Independent Contractors and Business Association (ICBA). For more than 30 years, ICBA Benefits Services Ltd. has supported ICBA’s members through fairly-priced benefit plans, making ICBA’s membership one of the most successful and loyal in British Columbia.

This intimate, long-term knowledge of how the association world works and the needs of their members, has given ICBA Benefits a unique view and skillset in serving other associations.


How It Works:

Our benefit plans can be white-labelled under your organization (we’d tell you some of the many associations we serve like this, but we keep that confidential as per our agreements!), or can be publicly “powered” by us, as we do for groups like ICBA, several chapters of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, and others.

Altogether, there are more than 100,000 people who rely on an ICBA Benefits plan, and more than 20 associations who partner with us.

If you lead an association anywhere in Canada, we can help you with offering a group benefits plan to your members.

What Associations Get:

  • A benefits partner who understands the association landscape and challenges
  • Access to many benefits programs and plans that otherwise would be out of reach
  • Better pricing for your members, thanks to our economies of scale
  • Revenue sharing and sponsorship dollars
  • Deepened connection with your members, who rely on your association more
  • A team dedicated to seeing your association and its plan succeed

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