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Welcome Canadian Home Builders' Association members   

We’re proud to support several chapters of the Canadian Home Builders' Association by offering group health benefits to their members. CHBA is the leading advocate for the residential construction industry across BC, and their members consistently tell them that one of their biggest challenges is recruiting and retaining skilled workers. Employee benefit plans that meet the needs of employees and their families, is essential in today’s ultra-competitive environment.

But the cost of group benefits must be reasonable and predictable. Helping CHBA members manage the rising costs of employee benefits plans in an environment where owners and general contractors are asking contractors to do more, is one way that we can help our members thrive.

As CHBA’s benefits partner, ICBA Benefits offers a number of group health options for CHBA members:

  1. An Hour Bank plan (with three levels) that gives workers the ability to bank hours and access benefits when times are slow, while offering predictable, reasonable costs for employers
  2. Custom plans and other options allowing companies to customize to meet the unique needs of your business and your team

Helping Your Company, Helping Your Association

ICBA Benefits is trusted by CHBA members with their group health and dental plans. Members receive very competitive rates, top-notch service, and the help of our committed team. It’s great for your workers, their families, and your bottom line.

But it also helps CHBA provide industry leadership that creates a professional, affordable and profitable housing environment. Your benefits investment is both enhancing your employees’ health care options and supporting your industry association, which works every day on the causes important to you, through excellence in government and public relations, education and building innovation.

To help save CHBA members money, ICBA Benefits can review the performance of your current benefit plan to find opportunities for improvement and cost savings. We conduct a thorough review of your current employee benefits program and determine whether there are areas that can be improved, including:

  • Current and future costs
  • Comprehensiveness of coverage
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Employer liability
  • Tax savings opportunities

Our goal is to help your business and workers: all we ask is for the opportunity to show you how.

ICBA Benefits Products: Offering the Best to CHBA Members

ICBA Benefits

Our plans offer amazing, affordable coverage for your team, whether you’re just starting out or one of the largest homebuilding companies in BC. Plans have different levels and options and include:

  • Extended health care
  • Dental and vision
  • Life and dependent life insurance
  • Accidental death & dismemberment
  • Long term disability
  • Emergency travel assistance

If you need it, we can build a plan with it. Check out the plan options in this section or contact us for details.

Hour Bank

The construction industry’s most popular plan, our The Construction Industry’s Benefit Plan (CIBP) is a simple cost model that is easy to understand and meets our members’ needs. CIBP offers comprehensive coverage (including extended health, dental, vision, life, accidental death & dismemberment and long term disability) at a low cost. Hour Bank is best for:

  • Companies of all sizes
  • Companies looking for ease of administration

There are three levels to choose from. Workers can “bank” hours during busy times, to help them remain in benefits during slower periods – at no extra cost to the employer.

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