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Customized Consulting Services

A time comes when your business requires you to find professional expertise to dig deeper into your employee benefits program’s inner workings.

ICBA Benefits is staffed with group benefits experts with proven track records of managing large and complex employee benefit files for a variety of employers and plan sponsors. No matter your industry sector or the size and complexity of your programs, our team can help you.

By working with ICBA Benefits, you can be sure that you are building programs that support your corporate culture  and allow your business to maintain its competitive edge in the labour market.

Negotiating Power and Expert Advice

ICBA Benefits' size allows for full market access to all insurers and our negotiating power will get you the competitive benefits package your business deserves.

By working with our consulting experts, you can create a benefit program that supports your corporate culture and allows your business to maintain a competitive edge in a tight labour market.