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The Construction Industry's Benefit Plan

Unlike traditional insurance plans, the Construction Industry’s Benefit Plan (CIBP) uses a simple cost model that is easy to understand and meets our customers’ needs.

CIBP is simple to administer and saves companies both administration time and money. It’s comprehensive coverage at a low cost. The CIBP Hour Bank, available in both BC and Alberta, includes:

  • Extended health care
  • Dental and vision
  • Life and dependent life insurance
  • Accidental death & dismemberment
  • Long term disability
  • Emergency travel assistance

Small Business Plan:

Big Benefits for Small Business

Benefits are vital to the long-term success of a small business. Your staff need to be protected, and great benefits are a key way to recruit and keep great people. The big companies know this, and they use their size to their advantage to get cheaper insurance rates. Now, thanks to ICBA Benefits, small businesses can have that same leverage.

This fixed plan is designed to provide comprehensive, affordable insurance for Canadian companies with three or more employees. The plan is best for new groups as insurers won’t quote groups under 12 months of being open and family companies as other insurers are risk adverse in covering family owned and operated companies.

The application process is simple with no approval required, and you will know the price immediately.

Entrepreneur Plan:

Benefits Tailored To Your Business

When you are the owner and only employee of a small business, benefits are absolutely vital to the long-term success of your company. You need to be protected.

The Entrepreneur Plan is an employee health plan designed to provide comprehensive, affordable insurance for Canadian companies with one or two employees. ICBA Benefits uses a group pooling approach – putting hundreds of small businesses into one insurance group to get more competitive rates and better offerings.

Our application process is simple, there is no medical questionnaire required, and your benefits can start immediately.

The Entrepreneur Plan gives company owner-operators the flexibility to customize benefits to fit your lifestyle and price point.

The Independent Plan

Shift happens.

Moving between jobs or contracts isn’t always seamless. There can be gaps between employment which can leave a worker and their family without benefits. This can be a scary – and expensive – thing for families who need drug coverage, eyewear, or other health care.

Don’t risk it!

The Independent Benefit Plan is designed to help people stay covered while transitioning between workplaces. For a reasonable cost, it allows families to continue extended health, prescription drug, vision, dental and other benefits. Coverage is provided regardless of your current health condition, and expenses for pre-existing conditions are covered. (The plan includes a standard “stability clause” for emergency medical expenses incurred while travelling.)

The Independent Plan is also useful for retiring employees who want to continue their benefits. If you’re leaving an ICBA Benefits company plan, this option keeps you covered.

Don’t delay! To be eligible for the Independent Plan, you must have had EHC and Dental coverage with ICBA Benefits within 31 days of applying.

Pooled Plans:

A Level Playing Field

The bigger a company, the cheaper the insurance premiums, which means smaller companies end up paying more for benefits per employee than larger employers.

But ICBA’s pooled plan changes all that. Our pool allows smaller companies to provide a comprehensive, fully customized plan that takes advantage of economies of scale to offer lower costs normally out of reach for small businesses.

We go further than our competitors and allow companies to fully customize their pooled plan options. Other providers will often allow only a few pre-selected packages with no ability to change those options – but we will respond to your need for choice.

Employee Assistance Plans:

Mental health matters

Almost every ICBA Benefit plan comes with an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) component.

EAPs are a confidential wellbeing solution that supports the mental health of employees. Employees on ICBA Benefits plans have access to counselling and other supports through our EAP.

This innovative well-being resource is available any time, 24/7. Employees can access counselling, practical information, and digital content to support their mental, physical, social and financial well-being.

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