Independent Benefit Plan

Stay Covered Under Our Independent Plan

Shift happens.

Moving between jobs or contracts isn’t always seamless. There can be gaps between employment which can leave a worker and their family without benefits. This can be a scary – and expensive – thing for families who need drug coverage, eyewear, or other health care.

Don’t risk it!

The Independent Benefit Plan is designed to help people stay covered while transitioning between workplaces. For a reasonable cost, it allows families to continue extended health, prescription drug, vision, dental and other benefits. Coverage is provided regardless of your current health condition, and expenses for pre-existing conditions are covered. (The plan includes a standard “stability clause” for emergency medical expenses incurred while travelling.)

The Independent Plan is also useful for retiring employees who want to continue their benefits. If you’re leaving an ICBA Benefits company plan, this option keeps you covered.

Don’t delay! To be eligible for the Independent Plan, you must have had EHC and Dental coverage with ICBA Benefits within 31 days of applying.

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