Retirement Plans for Owners

As the owner or senior executive of a company, you can participate in the employee retirement program offered by your plan sponsor. However, there may be a better option available to you. An Individual Pension Plan (IPP) can provide higher pension benefits for small business owners and executives who meet specific criteria. With an IPP, there is the potential to save more for retirement because the contribution limit is higher than an RRSP.
What it does:
  • Allows for higher deductions than an RRSP
  • Allows for additional deductions through the recognition of past service
  • Creates a larger retirement income for the executive/owner
  • Provides inexpensive and simplified administration
  • Makes funds creditor proof
ICBA Benefits Services will handle all the administration for you, giving you peace of mind as you watch your retirement savings grow. Contact a representative today to gather more information and our experts can arrange a confidential meeting with you to assess IPP within the context of your comprehensive financial and estate plan.